Friday, March 11, 2016

Shirk your customer service duties at your peril!

2:21:21 PM Unfortunate customer service representative: I apologize for the wait time.
This gesture will get you killed in Brazil.

This gesture will get you killed in Brazil.

2:23:01 PM Me: Do I need to restate my problem?

2:24:10 PM Me: <bunch of crap about my site and 404 errors>

2:24:40 PM UCSR: I will check this for you.

2:25:41 PM UCSR: I have gone through your query. In order to proceed further I need to verify this chat.

<Verification commences>

2:26:48 PM UCSR: May I place you on hold for 4 to 5 minutes, while I check this for you?

2:26:55 PM Me: Yes! OMG YES! Do you have hold music? I love being on hold.

2:28:43 PM Me: I guess you don’t have music, so I started up my own.

2:29:15 PM Me: Currently listening to: Hold On by Walk Off the Earth while on hold.

2:30:56 PM UCSR: Thank you for holding.

2:31:10 PM Me: No problem! It was delightful and much needed.

2:31:19 PM UCSR: The DNS records of the domain were not updated properly.

2:31:27 PM UCSR: I have updated it for you.

2:31:35 PM Me: Huh. That’s odd, I bought the domain through you and the hosting through you.

2:31:37 PM UCSR: Once your DNS is updated, it may take anywhere from a 1-2 hours to 24 hours for your domain to resolve to your hosting account.

(No answer as to why they didn’t update their own DNS nameservers to the right ones… ?)

2:31:39 PM Me: Ok thanks! That’s quite a wide margin of error there on timing for your own nameservers to stop futzing around isn’t it? I mean, the 404 error is coming from your servers already.

2:31:47 PM UCSR: This timeline is determined by your ISP and how quickly they update their cache, however it is usually updated in a few hours.

2:31:56 PM UCSR: You’re welcome!

2:35:50 PM Me: Thanks for your help! Love and kisses!kisses

2:36:01 PM UCSR: You’re welcome!

2:36:11 PM UCSR: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

2:36:17 PM Me: and kisses?

2:36:44 PM Me: … a hug maybe?

2:36:59 PM UCSR: Thank you for using Live Chat. If you could take a minute to let us know if your questions and/or support request was resolved, it would help us to improve our customer service. To do so, just click the button that says Rate and Exit in the upper right hand corner! The survey should take less than a minute to fill out.

2:37:09 PM Me: No hug… ? :(

2:37:09 PM UCSR: If you think of anything else, we are here 24 hours! Otherwise, have a great day! Take care! Bye!

2:37:11 PM Me: but hugs… HUGS?

2:37:17 PM This chat has ended.

Shirk your customer service duties at your peril!