Monday, March 7, 2016

I am about to write the final chapter in book one.

Technically, I’m about to write the final two chapters but I’m considering dropping the second to last chapter as I’ve already established what I intended by this point in the story.

I am only going to end up with about 50k words in the first draft because everyone I talk to warns me not to describe too much of the scenery. I think the editor will have some information to be added which will increase the word count some but typically the word count is reduced, not increased.

Had I continued writing the way I had my initial few chapters then I am sure I’d have about 100k words by now! Thankfully, someone told me early on not to over describe my scenes, so I changed my behavior.

That’s great, but, how’s the story coming?

Well, I’m glad I asked.

I’ve set up a nice repeatable storyline for the group of characters in my book to explore various conditions and events that might take place after a global catastrophe.

I am excited to finally be getting so close to writing the final chapter, which I’ve been thinking about and writing over and over in my head


Cliffhanger. Yep.

since I started chapter one. I could’ve written the last chapter anytime I wanted, of course, but I feel like if you have to wait to read it, I’ll wait to write it. I want to be on the same page as the reader when it happens so I can get a good sense of how the reader will feel when they read it.


The last chapter is going to take some serious work. The group still has a mission but the final chapter in this book ups the stakes and increases the number and types of difficulties they’re going to face considerably.


I am about to write the final chapter in book one.