Thursday, February 25, 2016

Three more chapters--unless I stray from my outline again.

I’m in the final stretch folks.  I have three more chapters to write in Downgrade (working title) until I’m officially done with my draft!

Three more chaptersThen comes the hard part.

I have had to force myself to stop going back into the previous chapters to edit and revise things.  I realized that was subconscious procrastination. I would open up Scrivener with the intention to write a chapter or scene, but instead, I’d go back and proofread an earlier chapter.

Now I’m close.

I’m a little short on my target word count and may go back and actually (gasp) add some details!

I am certain my editor will be cutting out chunks of text that aren’t relevant and I wouldn’t want him or her to be bored!money-stacks

Here’s what’s coming:

  1. Complete draft (Almost there!)

  2. Choose an editor and send my draft to him or her.

  3. Wait impatiently for the draft to be returned. (Do I start Book 2 or wait?)

  4. Make tons of revisions and corrections. This will take several days at least.

  5. Send the revised draft to be proofread.

  6. Wait nervously for it to be returned. (I need to finalize my publication strategy!)

  7. Make some revisions and corrections.

So it comes back to my previous post. Publish now, Wait or Serialize?

I’m probably not going to serialize book one. Though the sequel would fit the model. However, I’m not interested in mixing the publication styles between two books in the same series.

Either way, I think you’re going to really like this action-packed story!


(with my first draft)