Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I think I might be more of a pantser.

The industry (writing) calls people who sit down and write, with little to no plan, pantser; as in, by the seat of their pants.

The second one.

The second one.



I thought I might be more of a plotter. I mean, I have chapters “outlined”

well in advance as I write the story. I know what’s coming and I write my way there, following the outline pretty closely.

Tonight, I’m writing about an event in the book and following my outline, like a good boy.

Then I realize I inadvertently set the main character up for a twist! I had no idea it was coming.


My new wallpaper

The foreshadowing I wrote and the dialog I wrote led me to do it, though in hindsight I think it might’ve been evil-pantser-angel.good vs. evil

I’m wondering where the sweet, plotting-angel went.

I have managed to write myself into a new outline; for the next few chapters, at least. The outline and notes I had before simply won’t work now that the main character has done this thing I can’t tell you about.

What I will say is, if it shocked me, and I’m writing it… well, I wish I could see the look on your face when you read it.

Oh and do not ever Google image search “good devil”. Wow.

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