Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I'm (almost) on a boat!

Well, not yet.

I’ve been looking at sailboats. I considered a motor boat for a minute but decided I didn’t want to spend money on fuel every time I went somewhere.


maybe not so many sails


Looks nice, right?

I moved to South Florida because eventually I want a really nice sailboat like the one Hugh Howey has. I’ve always loved that look and think that a catamaran will suit me. For now, though, something a bit smaller to start out with.


There is a nice 27′ Jack Helms sitting on a dock about five minutes from my house that is for sale at a decent price. I have been over there a couple times to see it. Looks like it’d be pretty decent.

Though I have seen an ad for a larger sailboat that has had its diesel engine replaced with an electric motor. I have to say, that intrigues me, but the guy is really slow to respond to my emails.

Can I sail? Well, I don’t have a ton of sailing experience. I mean, I’ve seen people sailing and I know the act involves ropes, sails, some wind, and strange lingo.  How hard can it be?

I’ll just sit abaft the shrouds and admire the lazy jacks while hoping I don’t toss my lunch into the gash fanny. See? Lingo.


What I imagine it’s going to be like out there


What it will probably end up being like












If you’ve never heard about this book, check out the reviews on Amazon.


I'm (almost) on a boat!