Monday, April 25, 2016

I can start over, can't I? Rewrite or Revise?

So the feedback I received on my story is in line with my own thoughts and I either need to do a major revision or just start over.

It has been more difficult for me to decide this than it was to write the first draft! I’ve put a lot into this book but I want it to be something you want to read.

Can I start over? Of course. I can also give up and not publish. Will I give up? Not likely.

Will I start over, though?  That is a great question.  I have to weigh how much time I’ve spent vs how much more time I’d have to spend to either revise or rewrite.

The benefit of rewriting is I can address all of my feedback, in order, ensuring that everything is addressed properly.

A revision would tend to end up being a bit clumsy I think. I would need to go in and make edits to the content and storylines and potentially introduce more discrepancies.

So… instead of deciding if I should revise or rewrite, I’m writing a blog post. /sigh

The other challenge I’ve had could be solved with a rewrite. Humor. I love it and want more of it in my story but who would buy an apocalyptic comedy? This guy.

I can start over, can't I? Rewrite or Revise?